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RACHEL EVE design, inc

“Deep in the details is where I thrive. The details of aesthetic, functionality and artisanship each present a different piece of the puzzle. Together, we create a space that is as much about you as it is for you.”

Rachel Eve Logue

Puzzle Solver

Custom Cabinetry. Design. Supply. Simple. Exquisite.

Rachel is at heart an artist and a puzzle solver. Hers is the art of using custom cabinetry and design to complete the puzzle of any space with beautiful pieces that work as intended.

A classically schooled interior designer, Rachel focuses exclusively in custom cabinetry design and supply. She understands what constitutes truly artisan cabinetry, and the difference between this and essentially everything else. Design, no matter how well executed, cannot outpace the quality of the pieces utilized.

Rachel’s approach starts with the blank canvas of space. She paints a picture mirroring your vision. In nearly 100 commissioned projects in luxury residential and hospitality, Rachel has flawlessly reflected the soul of the owner.


Nothing happens without communication.

“The first meeting is one of the most exciting times in the project, for both of us. I get to hear firsthand your unvarnished vision. You get your first glimpses of the pieces that will complete your picture.”

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